The core element of a food blog is its recipes. The better your recipes, the more audience, the more revenue and the more subscribers your blog generates. That's why it is very important to us that our bloggers get the best experience when building recipes.

We want bloggers to spend more time coming up with new recipes than formatting blog entries. In addition, we also wanted to provide our theme developers a better toolkit to build recipe themes.

We have been hard at work for the last few weeks to bring you a brand new recipe builder. We call it RecipeBuilder 2.0.

The recipe builder allows you to focus on your recipe by taking care of all the formatting. It is super easy to write a recipe, it just feels like magic.

Once your recipe is written, hit and the publish button and then head over to your blog to see your newly created recipe!

In short, recipe builder will make your recipes look stunning, while letting you focus on the most important: the ingredients and steps. It empowers you to be more productive and spend more time making recipes than writing them.